Shafayet Ahmad Kanon

Sylhet, Bangladesh -

Hi, I'm Shafayet, a final-year Computer Science and Engineering student with expertise in Java, JavaScript, React, Spring, and Python. I'm passionate about software development and always eager to learn new technologies. I contribute to open-source and solve algorithm-based problems regularly. Looking forward to start my career in software engineering and making a positive impact on the industry.

  • Clean Architecture
  • Microservices
  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • Reactive Programming
  • Cloud Native Development
  • DevOps, CI/CD pipeline integration
  • Database Design
  • Docker, Kubernetes


Consulting Landing Page

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The Zippy Landing Page is a single-page website template built using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap:
➢ Responsive design
➢ Bootstrap 5 framework
➢ Carousel for showcasing multiple images
➢ Project showcase section with case study buttons
➢ Pricing table with different plans
➢ Video Experience section with autoplay on hover
➢ Team section with member profiles and social media links


SpaceInvader Game

Python, PyGame

A classic arcade game implemented using Python and Pygame:
➢ Player-controlled spaceship to shoot down enemies.
➢ Randomly spawning enemies with different movement patterns.
➢ Collision detection between bullets and enemies.
➢ Scoring system to track the player's progress.
➢ Game over screen when an enemy reaches the bottom of the screen.



Java | JavaScript | Python | C++ | PHP (Basic)
React | Node | Laravel | JavaFX | PyGame | Spring-Boot (Basic)
AWS | GitHub | Google Cloud Platform
MySQL | PostgreSQL | MongoDB | Oracle | SQLite
Linux | Git | JUnit | Docker | Kubernetes | VSCode | Intellij Idea
Software Architecture Patterns
MVC | REST API | Microservice
Competitive Programming
LeetCode (Solved-200+, Rating-1447) |
CodeForces (Rating-881) |
CodeChef (Rating-1203)


Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar, India

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)
Computer Science and Engineering
September 2020 - May 2024


Travel and History: I thoroughly enjoy exploring different cities and immersing myself in their rich histories. Roaming through unfamiliar streets, visiting historical landmarks, and learning about diverse cultures not only broadens my horizons but also fuels my curiosity.

Cricket: I actively participate in the sport, enjoying the camaraderie and teamwork it fosters. The thrill of batting, bowling, and fielding on the cricket pitch gives me immense joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Writing: I channel my creativity through writing, particularly in the form of blogging. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and insights on technology-related topics, as well as delving into historical themes. Writing allows me to express my ideas and communicate with others who share similar interests.

Stargazing: When the night sky unveils its beauty, I find peace and inspiration in observing the stars. Gazing at the vastness of the cosmos fascinates me and encourages contemplation of the mysteries that lie beyond our reach.


  • Udemy Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++.
  • HackerRank Problem Solving (Intermediate) Certificate
  • CS50 CS50's Understanding Technology